A spring day and second hand shopping with Mia

Oh, what a wonderful, sunny spring day! This morning I've got woken up by the sunshine and a blue sky and I knew it would be a wonderful day! I sat at the open window while I ate my breakfast and it felt so very like Spring. I've got really excited because this familiar feeling finally arrived. I don't know about you, but I have those certain feelings for each season and since it was still so cold and grey here I was lacking a real Spring feeling. But now, today, it arrived. My energy and motivation came back with the sun and it made me so happy to walk outside in some lighter clothes. 

I've met Mia this afternoon and we strolled through some second-hand shops, had some tea and talked so much. What a wonderful person she is! We laughed so much and had such a lovely time together! We also found some cute things at the second-hand store. Tomorrow I will join the Helsinki-Drawing Club which Mia and her friend Sasha invented for everyone who likes being creative.It will be the first meeting tomorrow and I am beyond excited to meet more people who also love to paint and draw and just spending some time together while being creative. 

I hope you had a wonderful sunny Spring day as well! Love to you! 

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