A slippery day with the trees

Yes, sometimes I hug trees. They keep me good company and they are gentle. They give us shadow and air, their needles are full of energy and their leaves shine so colourfully in autumn. Trees are kind creatures, imagine the world without trees, a world without forests. What a tristful thought!

I went to the forest today for a Sunday walk because the sun was shining extra bright and I thought it would be nice to film the video about my study in the woods surrounded by trees. It was very magical in the forest but all the paths were frozen and covered in a layer of ice, which made it very difficult and dangerous to walk. I left the official walkways and went through the woods where the grass and leaves were covering the floor so it was safer to walk. The sun was so very beautiful, glancing through the treetops, creating beautiful shadows on the snowy and green ground. I stopped for some photos and some tea and found a nice spot for filming the video. 

After a while, I got cold and made my way home again. When I almost reached the end of the forest I had to pass a quite steep hill, which was also covered in a thick layer of ice. I thought I could make it anyway and made my way up. At half height, I realized that it was way too slippery and I tried to get to the side of the paths. But it was too late, I slipped and fell - unfortunately on my camera, although I tried to catch myself with my hand. So, I was laying there, my heart beating like hell, waiting for the shock to be gone, checked my camera (which was okay luckily) and then tried to crawl to the side of the paths to get to steady ground. But the path was so very slippery that I almost slid it down like on a shute. At some point, I could manage to get to the safer ground again and made my way home, still a bit shaky and walking incredibly slow so I won't fall again. I hope nobody has seen that hilarious ice show. 

I pinched my finger in the tripod as well and hurt my elbow when I was brushing my hair earlier, so today just doesn't seem to be my day. But I had sauna and cookies, and the sun was shining. I am still very happy and haven't hurt myself seriously, so it's fine! I feel very relaxed now and the potatoes wedges are waiting in the oven. I will spend the rest of the night editing the video, draw some herbs and read about trees. Because trees are nice. Love to you!