A place where I feel home


Happy First of Advent, everyone! I can't believe there are only twenty-seven days left until Christmas.It is insane how fast time is passing by.On my walks, through the snow, I saw so many cute northern

houses out of wood, in all different kind of colours, smaller and bigger ones, 

with curtains in front of the windows and a porch.

Someday I wanna live in one of those houses in the woods, drinking 

tea on the porch in the morning while listening to the birds and the

quiet tunes from inside where a cake is in the oven. I want to watch the snow falling on the 

white window sill, while the fire is crackling in the chimney. 

Cats will hunt the squirrels in the garden and accompany me on the armchair in the evening 

with a book and candles.

In summer the garden would bloom in colours of flowers and a bed full of vegetables and fruits,

which I will pick to bake some pies and make marmalade and syrups. I would love to have a wooden 

swing hanging from a tree, maybe a small lake next to my house to go for a swim on hot summer days. 

When I watch these house on my walks, I dream.

Do you think Pippi will open the door if I walk up this porch and ring the bell?

What a wonderful idea!