A misty morning - and my very own tree in Nuuksio! I WON!

Hej, allihoppa! What a beautiful Sunday it is! After the rain yesterday, this day started with the most magical misty morning. At seven I made my way to the stables again and could capture the sun rising above the misty trees and fields. The air was fresh and silent. I have been tired but that moment made me feel wide awake.

The excitement of the past week still tingled in my bones. You might have read that I won something that made me the happiest girl in the world! Around two weeks ago I took part in a competition by the official tourist page of Finland (


), who gave away a trip to Helsinki. I simply had to tell which national park is my favourite and why I would be the perfect one to win these days in Finland. So I wrote an email with my story and told them that the Nuuksio Nationalpark is my favourite one so far since I spent so many adventures there and created unforgettable memories with so many lovely people. After sending the entry, it was in their hands now and I was waiting for the day they were choosing the winner patiently. The past couple of weeks have been really hard for me. Although I try to adjust to the situation and make the best out of it, I am still suffering from bad homesickness to Finland and my friends. I distract myself with work and try to focus on my plan to move to the north, but there is no day passing without my heart hurting, without me feeling like crying because I miss my beloved ones in Helsinki so much and my time in Finland. Still, I did not know if I should go back to visit them since I have to save money for moving to Sweden after my study at the beginning of next year and have been so afraid that I would be even more heartbroken after leaving once again. Then I stumbled over that competition by accident and I decided that it couldn't be a coincidence since the trip they were giving away would have been exactly the time I planned on returning to Helsinki! So I decided to enter this giveaway and give it a chance.

I saw it as some kind of destiny and decided that if I would win this, it was a sign that I really should go back, that it is a good idea because I was suffering so much from homesickness. If I wouldn't win I would let go of the idea of returning and concentrate on my new projects. On the 3rd of August they would choose the winner they said, so I refreshed my emails every five minutes that day - but no email arrived. I have been disappointed, to be honest. I really wished for this so so much! But I accepted it - for the moment. Because only a few nights later I was laying in my bed at night, feeling so sad that I was looking for flights to Helsinki, and actually found a quite cheap one. I was looking at the screen, almost crying because I wanted this so much. So I decided to give a sh*** about the money, time with your beloved ones is priceless! I decided to talk to my chef at work the next day and book the tickets as soon as I get home. Next day I went to work talked to my chef who was fine with me going in September. When I arrived home later, I turned on my phone to quickly check my emails and guess what - there has been one by VisitFinland, five days after the date they mentioned! And they told me I AM THE WINNER OF THE TRIP! I immediately started crying, not even able to tell my mum properly what happened when she asked what's up. I just cried of happiness and couldn't believe that I would go back to Finland for free and see all my friends again! Even now, I still get tears in my eyes thinking about it! I will also get my own tree planted in Nuuksio with a planting ceremony!! Can you believe it! There will grow my own tree in the national park that I love so much! MY VERY OWN TREE! I can't believe it myself yet! When I calmed down, I realized that this might have been a treat by the universe after I finally decided to stop thinking about money and instead prioritise spending time with the ones I love the most! 

Again everything turned out fine, everything fits together so very well now, I couldn't be happier! I am so looking forward to my trip to Finland! I will leave on the 25th of August, in less than two weeks and damn, Helsinki, be prepared, I am coming home!! Thank you so much, everyone, who sent me such lovely messages and was happy for me! I am so glad I can share such moments with you - and I can't wait to share new Finland adventures with you! Have a wonderful Sunday! Lots of love, M.