A melody and a memory

Hej! I've spent the past couple of hours reading

Doctor Glas

for class and I must say I don't really enjoy it so far. But when I looked up from the book and out of the window a snowstorm was raging outside.  A white curtain is hanging in the air and snowflakes are spinning around. The streets are already covered in a thin white layer and this view makes me so happy. It is slowly getting dark and I will make myself ready to head to a friend for a movie night. I can't wait to get outside to stamp through the fresh snow (and get snowflakes into my eyes probably, haha). 

I was listening to some music while I was about to get ready and a song by Monsters and Men started to play. I stopped whatever I was doing at that moment and froze for a second. Every single song on my playlist makes me travel in time and contains some hidden feelings of the past. Because I am someone who listens to a few songs all the time before I replace them with new ones, every song hides a story, a memory and is connected to a certain time in my life. If I listen to songs on shuffle it is like a strange rollercoaster through my past. Not all of those songs awake sentimental feelings, but some of those do. Still, I love all of them, and the stories they carry. Do you connect memories and songs as well?

I will get out into the snowstorm now, I can't wait to eat vegan curry tonight and watch Captain Fantastic! Have a lovely night! Love to you!