A lot of exciting things

Hej hej! How are you? How has this week been so far? It's Tuesday and I feel like this week brought up so many exciting things already. Some of you might know that I applied for a job in the local organic store and they accepted me! They have been so very kind and nice to me, and now we were just waiting for the okay from the highest person so I could start working. Earlier today they called me to check the schedule for next week and I am really excited! I will just help out there two days a week but I am looking forward to work with nice people and customers and to learn even more about a conscious lifestyle.

Moreover, I found an announcement on the internet by a local farmstead who was looking for someone to help with the horses and stables, and so I messaged them to offer my help. This afternoon I met the woman who owns the place and we chatted and she showed the stables to me and only after a few minutes we both agreed that this is the perfect thing for me. She told me the story of the different horses which all somehow have their own handy caps and cute personalities, I already took them to my heart. So from next week on, I will clean the stables every morning at 7 am and bring the horses to the fields. I am so so happy that I've found this work! I was always dreaming about some physical work at a farmstead, working with nature and animals, and I can't wait to enjoy the morning silence, just me and the horses. I am sure we will get along very well! It's just such a wonderful way to spend my free time and to earn and save some money for my dream of moving to Sweden!So that's what I've been up to! I will also have a pregnancy shoot on Saturday which I am looking forward to as well! I hope we will catch a nice sunset to shoot some lovely photos at the sea in the forest. Lots and lots of things are going on in my life - I am excited! What are you up to right now? Are you helping out somewhere as well? I would love to know what different kind of jobs you are doing! - Love, M.

Photos by 

Polly Balitro