A guest from Germany

Happy Friday, everyone! It is short after seven in the evening and I've spent the day drawing some more things for my shop and running errands before it started raining. Now I am sitting on my computer before I will take a shower, build up the spare bed and then head to the airport to pick up dear Loraina. I am already pretty tired and she will arrive half past eleven but I am super excited to meet her and what the next couple of days will bring. 

We are planning to visit Nuuksio on Sunday and say Hi to the squirrels in Seurasaari tomorrow. My heart skips a beat when I think about Nuuksio. The last time I have been there the sun created the most magical light as you can see in the photos. I really hope we will have some good weather to explore the forest.

How lovely it would be to stay at this little cabin in the snowy woods. I am wondering if there is still snow in Nuuksio. But we will see on Sunday. I have to show this cabin to Loraina, and also all the other neat places around the lake and in the forest. How exciting! I hope you all have a wonderful start to the weekend!