A frosty morning and the wish for snow

God morgon, allihoppa! I am sitting at my rooftop window watching the frosty layer of ice slowly melting on the glass, running down to the bottom and becoming one wet mess with the rest. The sky is blue and the sun makes the frost on the fields glitter. This night it almost hit zero degrees and this morning the fields and my window have been covered with a magical layer of frost. I got so excited when I woke up and looked out - maybe there will be snow soon! I am wishing for it so badly! When there is snow everything seems so much more beautiful and cozy - a white blanket of happiness. I can't really describe the feeling it gives me but it is familiar and kind.

Last night I have been for a night walk with Balou, the dog I am taking care of twice a week, and we wandered through the fields in the total darkness, the moon was shining bright despite a few clouds floating by and I could see the stars on the night sky. I like to disappear into the darkness and become one with the shadows, it eases my mind and I can think so much clearer. So many impressions flash through my head when I wander through the black. I look up to the deep dark sky and wonder what life is and who I am, a little spot in this giant universe. Life feels so finite and so infinite in those moments, and so conscious at the same time. We were wandering through the darkness, I've been singing along while I listened to the sound of Balou padding through the paddles of yesterday's rain in the grass. Surrounded by the dark and nature I feel so much more inspired and I sing along different melodies that come to my mind, the only listener's the moon. I really enjoy our walks together. They bring the calm.

Now I will get ready for the day, clean up the little mess here and start being productive! Later I will go out into the cold and off to my Swedish class. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Hug - M.

{ Analog photos with Revueflex AC2 }