A foggy Sunday

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all fine! Today was a very grey and foggy Sunday. I woke up after a good amount of sleep since I was so very tired and exhausted after the sauna day yesterday. I tried to be productive, very unsuccessfully, before I made my way to Tiina, later on, to go for a walk and have some tea and chat.

Some parts of the forests and paths are still frozen with ice, some are green and waiting for spring. I am still a bit afraid of slipping and walk like a snail, but the time outside did so well. I love the atmosphere of foggy woods.

 We found this cute spot by coincidence where we had an incredible view over the sea and some houses, and the fog was hanging over the treetops. Can you spot the two swans flying over the frozen sea? It was a magical view!

I am looking forward to Spring! After several slippery walks in the forest, I can't wait to be able to walk normally again and to enjoy the Spring sun and green everywhere, birds and squirrels jumping in the trees, flowers and warm evenings. I am ready now to let you go, Winter. It was nice to have you here for such a long time, but it is time for you to leave! 

Now I am laying in bed, tired and feeling a little bit sick. I hope I won't get a cold because I will perform at the Open Mic Night again tomorrow, which makes me very very nervous already. Anyway, what have you been up to today? I send love to you!