A family trip with a locomotion - And a silent moment in the forest

Happy Sunday, dear ones! How have you been? I hope you enjoyed the weekend so far. This morning I woke up pretty early to get ready for a family trip with a locomotion through the hills and forests. I've stayed up the night quite late and felt really tired when my alarm went on. But I made it out of bed and into my flannel, and we made our way to the train station.

My parents and I, and a few others drove with an old locomotive through the hills and forests nearby, passing tunnels and trees, fields and little streams. The wind was coming through the top-hung window and made the old caramel coloured curtain blowing in the breeze. The sky was covered in clouds and it started raining a few times, but the atmosphere felt so idyllic and the landscapes we passed were lying peacefully in Sunday's arms. 

After watching the clouds hanging over the hills and dreaming of travelling far away, we arrived at our destination two hours later. It was time for a break, lunch and some refreshments and we sat down for a while. After we ate, I decided to go for a little walk to explore the surrounding. I already knew the area from my daily drives with the theatre director I've done an internship with two years ago and already back then I have been so fascinated by the rocks and forests when we passed the street through that region. So I just walked down the street and turned right to follow the path up to the forest. Flowers were covering the sidewalks and slight rain was hanging like fog between the treetops. It has been so very magical, I adore foggy, rainy days in the forest so much. Such a wonderful melancholy.

I've spent an hour between the tall trees beyond the main road, smiling, sitting on a branch, watching the rain fall on the mossy ground, listening to the silence and the birds up above me. It felt so good to be back in the forest. My heart felt so light and calm, I've missed that feeling. When I walked back to the main path, it started raining again and at the same time the sky lightened up so intensively that the tall trees looked like giants in the magical light. I was hiding under the branches watching the magic before I made my way back to the others picking some flowers on the way.

Now I am back home feeling tired but really happy after such a lovely Sunday with my family at such a wonderful place. What have you done this weekend? I would love to read about your magical moment! I send a lot of love to you and hope you have a good start into the new week - Love!