A day with Delila

After two months Delila and I finally managed to meet again, and it took way too long in my opinion! We had so much to do the past couple of weeks that we somehow haven't found the time to get together, but today we finally spent some lovely time together again. I went to her place at noon to have some tea and chat, and she showed me her new salves and her gathered spruce and herbs for teas. She prepared some wild gathered herbal tea and I enjoyed its smell so much - it is like a forest in a cup. Her oils, teas, and salves are such great things, I am so very in love with them! She gifted me one of her salves (since she knew how much I adore the oil she gave me a while ago). Her products are natural and helped me so very well against my dry skin, I can't wait to try out this salve! And look at her adorable illustrations!

After not seeing each other for such a long time we had to catch up with so many things, so we sat at her window for a while and were drinking tea while talking non-stop. Delila had made some delicious lingonberry muffins, and although I am not a big lover of cakes and pastry, those muffins have been the tastiest ones I've ever tried. Somehow they have been a very good combination of pastry and fruits, and they have been incredibly soft!  

Delila's home is filled with several piles of nature books, botanical illustrations, and plants. I feel so cosy and inspired every single time I visit her home and I love to scroll through her books and to see her collection of herbs. What an inspiring bird she is!

Now I will spend the rest of the night editing the photos I took in the forest today and working on a vlog about our time together. It was such a lovely day, I am very happy! I send love to you!

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