A canoe trip with my family

Happy Saturday! My family and I went canoeing today. The sky was a little cloudy but it didn't ruin the mood. We met some butterflies, ducks and tried to turn turtle the canoe of the others. My dad and I sat in the same boat, while my mum and my brother shared another. I enjoyed floating through the low water, passing a small water fall and sea roses.

There have been several bushes of rosy flowers at the shore which looked so lovely while we passed them. We paddled through several willows and splashed water with our paddle to nettle each other. Before we returned to the shore, we did a little race, paddled as hard as we could and laughed while almost floating into the bushes.

Afterwards, we went for some ice cream and tea and watched the birds flying around our table. What a lovely Saturday! What have you done today? Lots of love to you!