"That moment you are in the now, some slight occurs and your mind goes blank. You cross a threshold and before you know you are completley living in another time/place and your mind has the power to control the direction [...]"

~Ri McLugh~

Daydreaming. Is it a feeling, is it a vision, is it travelling through dimensions? What I can say is, that it is a way to flee from reality. Because why do we daydream? We want to be somewhere or even someone else. We want to disappear from the current situation we are stucked in, fly away for a short moment, living a life beyond this world. It takes just a moment to leave. To leave this earth and go somewhere else. To leave your body behind and follow your mind, carrying you to a place you long for. A place you create and you feel safe.

You go on holiday for a short moment. Hear the noises of the wind in the treetop, smell the freshness of the ocean breeze, feel the warm sunlight on your face or the icy snowflakes under your feet. Wherever you go, you decide what you want to see. To see with all your senses. With your heart. Because thats where your daydream comes from. Its spring is the desire you carry deep in you. The dream which hides in the deep corners of your heart.

"It makes fun to imagine my life in ten years. Although I fear that all of this is just an illusion and will not look like this later, that I will be dissapointed when everything comes different. "


Time looses its importance, your surrounding is blurring, everything fanishes, scences are taking place before your eyes. But as fast as you dived into this cloud of imaginations, you fall back to reality. You need a moment to find your way back to this world. Sometimes your daydream haunts you even for longer. But daydreams are limited. Like their name say, they are dreams. They will disappear after a short time, because reality is calling you from a far. But you can go back. That's what makes them special and precious. A night dream comes and goes, and most of the time, you cannot control what you see. But your daydream is your own, secret poperty which you can pull out of your pocket when you need it. 

"Daydreaming became something permanent and essential to me. It means a piece of freedom and escape from reality, although I try to enjoy each moment in my real life. I want to find a balance of daydreaming and enjoying life at its fullest."


Daydreaming gives you the air you need to breathe in time again. But it can also soak you in and tie you to ghosts of your mind. When you realize that you are just living in your daydreams and forget the real life, something is going wrong. Daydreaming becomes a cage, a cage you feel safe, but which destroyes your possibility to write your own story in the real world. Daydreaming should give you a timeout, a short moment of relaxtion, a motivation for your real life. Do not forget where you belong.

Because daydreams are just holidays, don't make them home.

"Daydreaming is to pass your day with your loved one in a peace-place"


Fairy on,