I like to believe in time before and time to come and how it is all connected


Some say there is a heaven and some say there is a hell. Some say you will be reborn, finding a new existence in a new living being. Some say you will just dissappear.

What do you believe in?

When we think about life we usually come to the point where we need to think about what comes after it. Whether there exists an afterlife, a world beyond this earth, a place we go back to or one we will go for the first time, stay forever or just stop over before coming back to life.

Yes! I think our inherent energy pours back into the universe perhaps what they call dark matter and shows itself in the prisms of light through glass and what we experience as "gut feelings"

~B. Armstrong~

When I think about death I dont feel afraid. Of course there is a kind of nervous excitment, which I think is totally normal, but I see death as an adventure, something unknown ready to be discovered. Most of the people are terrified of death because it's something unfamiliar, a dark nothing, you can't really prepare for. But because we all have to die sooner or later, we need to learn to accept that fact and lose our fear about it.

That's why we try to create an idea of an afterlife. Isn't it depressant to believe that we won't just dissappear into nothing? It gives you a feeling of planning a vacation instead of just stepping into the car and going on the road without a destination.

I guess I don't believe in a certain theory of an afterlife. I believe that everyone has a soul and I can imagine that this soul is a visitor of our world, which lives in our body until it goes back to the place it came from, a place where all souls are home. But I can also imagine some kind of reincarnation, coming back to this earth in another form of living being. In both ways I believe we will find our final peace.

I guess thinking about an afterlife also brings up the question if there exist some entities like ghosts. If there is a space between life and afterlife, for people who need to finish some tasks before they can find peace. I wish I could give an answer to this, but like everyone else I can't know. Some times I believe in ghost, some times I am really not sure. Someday we will all know and we won't be able to tell anyone, because everyone needs to experience this by his own.

What I can say is, that I don't believe in hell. I believe in karma and that everything has a reason. For me there is no occasion to punish people in an eternal purgatory. I think everyone gets what he deserves in life and we will leave this world as pure as we entered it.

For about 40 years people are playing computergames and the "here you have another live- try it again" idea followed us, whereever we are confronted with virtual worlds and videogames. So, "Afterlife" is specially for gamers something normal, because whenever you jump in to a FPS (first person shooter) arena you know you will die and respawn after a few seconds.


It's such an interesting thought, I didn't consider before I read Lukas words. I guess it is fascinating that we obviously know that our life will be over someday, but we try to work against this- even if it works out just in the virtual world.

We get a hundred of new lifes to make things better, to erase the mistakes we made, to restart and just not being stiff to make everything fine at first attempt.

In the virtual world we don't need to worry, we can just give it another try.

I guess it's a good way to ignore the displeasing feeling which comes with the idea of death, although in my point of view death and the life after are two things we shouldn't be afraid of, but look forward to. An adventure to explore. Maybe we lived a dozen lives before, maybe we will live just as many again. This life is a gift, we should celebrate and appreciate it, and so should we whatever comes after.

Don't be afraid,

fairy on,