"Changes are ok for me as long as I feel in control. So changes I decided on myself. I once read that a person needs 40 days to get used to something new, I think sometimes I might need more :)! Sudden changes can be scary, but as it is sudden, at least you didn't get to worry about it in advance..."



Sometimes you need a change, sometimes changes overrun you without advance warning. 

It doesn't matter how they are made, in both ways they mean the beginning of something new- new adventures, new people, new mountains to climb. 

This can be very scary, but also very exciting. Humans tend to be creatures of habit. Finding a routine and being happy with doing always the same, fealing safe with the things, the people and the world we know. But sometimes these familiar four walls restrict yourself and you need to restore your vitality by changing some things or sometimes even starting a complete new chapter by freeing yourself from your previous life.

But sometimes changes overrun us by surprise as well. Often we are terrified of the thought of allow it happening. We cramp to the things we know and don't want to let them go.

But somtimes we first notice that these changes gave us new hoizonts and energy when we allowed them to sort our life new.

To open a new door often leads us to precious and fantastic new worlds.

"I hate changes. They make me panic and I try to flee into my own world. I feel safe there, but sooner or later reality is destroying this safety. I am very nervous at the moment, because I am done with scool and I am so afraid I won't find a job- and because I don't find a work I feel even more panic, so I am searching for shelter in my perfect little world- it's a circle of the devil!"

~Celina Marie~

I am scared of changes. But I love them as well. It's a tricky love-hate relationship. I like to explore new worlds, get to know new people, try out new things. But I am very nervous about it at the same time. Starting something new always hides situations you can't prepare for. But when I found my way into this new situation I like to savor the chance of experiencing different worlds. 

I guess it's always an adventure and sometimes I feel more brave sometimes less. Actually we shouldn't be scared of changes because it's the only way to experience the whole world. We have such small amount of time here on earth, we shouldn't miss it because of holding onto habits. 

"I need drastic change once in a few years. Then I move to another country for a year. But I feel overwhelmed with sudden changes in my life. I rely on my family and friends to handle them... But change is refreshing and helps me to organize my thoughts and makes me realize what is important in life..."


Now and then I have a feeling of drowing in my own life. I feel stucked, I can't think clear no more. Everyday feels heavy on my heart. My mind feels numb. When I feel like I just want to open the door and run like nothing can every stop me- running from my life without ever looking back- I now it's time for a change. Because then I feel refreshed and have the feeling of letting go of all the ballast which sits heavy on my shoulders. It feels like flooding my mind with a wave of cooling water, clearing my head of all the dark thoughts. 

"At first I am exited about changes. But when I get more and more closer the days and changes- I get nervous. And when the changes happens I might for example end up sitting in train crying. That happened once. Others didn't wanted to see me. 

Right now I'm in a situation when I really need that one change to happen. And I am really scared. Although I know I can do that.  I know I can live the way I want to, where I want to. But still there is always this little voise inside my head that wants me to stay in this comfortable situation. Even if I don't want to stay. Now this feels so stupid. This is the way I work. 

Sometimes it is more like that I like the idea of someting and when the time comes, I feel like I don't even want that."

~Oona Julia~

I can relate to that so much. Often I think I am just excited about the thought of new adventures and changes but when it come to their realisations I feel like I don't even want that! I often thought about this problem and I guess it's acutally all about the fear which wants to make us believe that we don't really want to go on adventures and live our dreams. That's why I try to overcome my fear as often as possible- and I experience so many amazing things by just listening to my heart and ignore the voices that want to convince me that changes are scary.

Changes are like pralines. Sometimes you just need to taste another one to recognize it's much sweeter than your favorite


Make changes, try new things!

Fairy on,