Memories are the identity of a person. I imagine memories as a house full of paintings from special situations. These are your memories. Both: light and dark paintings have their special place in this house. And the cool thing about this is: we have the ability to change their position. This will change our attitude to our personal life. I can ban the bad memories to the dark cellar rooms and lift the good ones up to the colourful and light livingrooms. But is it really what I want? No! I think I need both bad and good memories to realize the difference between happy days and darker days.


We are our memories. Is that true? If I would have an accident and lose my memory, who would I be? How would I feel? Without personality? Would I be a nobody, because I don't have a past I remember? What if our memories wouldn't just disappear from our memory but no longer exist at all.

I guess, yes, we are the experiences we made and the memories we carry. Moments, people, feelings, sounds, smells, pictures that are burned into our mind. Our personality is tinkered out of those gone days full of life.

Another interesting point is, that everyone has an individual memory of the same situation. Each memory focus on a specific thing, keeps a special person or smell or sound in mind. So each memory of one and the same moment is unique.

I think memories become a part of our personality. What would we be without them? But you should find a balance between reminisce and the present, you should enjoy the moment you have right now! 


A good memory is never a burden. Yes we may long for those moments again but they only make us push for greater things. I can see why a memory could be a burden because if we spend so much time trying to relive what we had we may never move forward but for me it's those memories that I want to recreate for my own child. For example, my Dad used to have those pipe water fights with us in the garden. This is a memory I would like to recreate for my own child! It just depends how you see things.


I never thought about recreation of my own memories before. I always longed for reliving a moment or sometimes I even wish to travel back in time to enjoy a moment or time at its fullest again. But recreating memories for the own child warms my heart. Its like the past with its people, love and happiness will live forever when we all put some of our memories into our kids. 

I think memories are the best things to collect because they make us nostalgic and long for moments we treasure, for I am a strong believer that sometimes wallowing in the past is just what we need. As long as we always come back and are able to appreciate what we have. And I have learned that keeping memories close has helped me do exactly that. Thinking of past times warms me up from the inside on hard days, and makes me be courageous for what's still ahead. Memories make me happy and sad, but the good kind of sad. The sadness that teaches you that you want to stay in contact with those people you have shared memories with, that although things have changed, what you had never will. And that it is always possible to learn from your own decisions, and to let yourself inspire to become the person you always wanted to be.


Memories are so important in cheering me up but also moving forward. Also I love to watch changing seasons. For me memories are important to this because of how they connect us to that change and the nostalgia of certain times of year, but then each year you add new memories and can keep looking forward.


Memories are treasures? When I am lying in bed and thinking about my childhood, when I am coming home from a good day or I am unpacking my bags after a memorable trip, when I am sitting in the garden looking at the sky and thinking about the people I lost... I feel grief. I always asked myself why memories always make me feel mournful. Aren't they a wonderful gift to celebrate what we were allowed to experience? Although I am aware of all the positive qualities of memories, most of the time I am sucked in a swirl of heartache when I am thinking of the past. Maybe I come down with melancholia because I am too nostalgic. Definitley I still need to find a way how I deal with this sadness which haunts me when I try to appreciate the memories I was allowed to collect.

Our memories are treasures! I think you can get swept up in them and have to be careful to bring yourself back down to earth, but I think the same could be said for dreams, stories, and musings. I wouldn't trade my memories for anything, good or bad

. It's memories that have often held my hand in dark times.


I guess memories make us stronger as well. There are times we feel like everything goes wrong and we are lost from the right path... in this time I feel so comftable in my own memories of sad days I experienced before and the way I survived them and I found my way back on track. Or I reminisce the happy times when I felt careless and free and it seemed like nothing could ever stop this feeling. These times made us stronger and the memories of them are keeping us upright, being on our side when we need them the most. But I am also afraid of loosing memories of moments I want to keep forever. We dont remember every single moment of our life and if I already need to let go of these times I long for, I at last want to carry them in my heart forever. 

I think so long as they can be utilised in the right way by holding onto them (as in making sure we do not continue to ruminante on them for the wrong reasons) then they are useful to have and infact a lovely thing to treasure. You need to remember the bad from good and happy from sad in order to appreciate things and live a life the way you want too.


If someone would ask me whether I would like to erase my memories, of course, I would say no. But sometimes I just feel so terrible because of a deep sadness inside me, when I think about old times, that the only thing I want is to erase them forever... Of course I would never really want to erase them, because they are precious and they made me who I am now. But sometimes a feeling controlls your thoughts and made you wish for things you actually dont want. But when I think about loosing my memory forever because of a sickness like dementia, I am very frightened.

Memories are unreliable


I thought about this statement a few moments, because I guess she is right. What about memories we have, we never really experienced? What about visions of times before this life? I think this is another interesting topic which exceeds this entry.  

Memories are one of my most favorite things. When I feel a longing for the days of which I'm remembering, I remind myself that I will look back again in the future and have those same feelings once again of that time in my life. Sometimes I have memories of past lives too. It is one of the most incredible experiences. Almost to sacred to put into words.


The foundation you build your life on, view them as a source of strength and inspiration and that's what they will be.

~Flora & May~

I guess memories have two sides. Every person watches them from another. I think its important to feel both- nostalgic and melancolic about them. But they belong to you, and you made these memories for a good reason, so take care of them! I for one  feel not good thinking back in time mostly. I guess I grief the moments and people I lost and I need some time to overcome these feelings. Perhaps its the memory itself which can heal my aching heart.

Fairy on,


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