2. Advent Sunday


Happy Advent Sunday! The second candle is lightened up and flickers in the window's reflection. Most of the day is filled with darkness these days, but I try to go out in the morning to catch some sunlight and fresh air. It got colder again and I hope that snow will fall soon. This morning I woke up to the sun shining rosy and pastel in the treetops and so I decided to go for a walk. The sea was frozen when I went to the shore. The sun made the ice glittering and created a magical atmosphere because it was shining so low on the horizon. I walked on the rocks for a while, sat down and watched my breath in the air, threw some pieces of ice over the sea and listened to its sound. My hands got frozen and I went home to make some warm tea and some porridge. I continued reading my book and went to the sauna. Then I lightened up some candles and listened to some music. Candles make me so happy, they make everything so cosy. This season is my favourite! How has been your advent Sunday? Oh, it started snowing, how wonderful!

A few moments of this cosy Sunday: