This thing all things devours:

Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;

Gnaws iron, bites steel;

Grinds hard stones to meal;

Slays king, ruins town,

And beats high mountain down.

- j.r.r. tolkien




Time is always running. She is running, overtaking me. I can feel her breath in my neck when she is passing. My eyes are burning from the dust. I can only see light shadows. She gets faster and faster, and with every step she gets smaller. I want to reach her, but I am grabbing into blankness. I am stumbling and tumbling. In slow motion I am falling into the dust. A storm of sand is spinning around. I close my eyes. I wish I could get her back. But time is running.

Time is daunting and terrifying, to be honest. One of my biggest fears is growing old and not having done anything worthwhile with my life. Time also moves too fast. It means pining for childhood memories to escape the reality of adulthood. But I'm also trying to teach myself to embrace time, as I've always pushed it away. Reading other people's comments on this post has inspired me to pursue time as a positive thing


To be honest the mystery of time always terrified me. Once in a week I realize that time is flying by so fast. And I haven't been at the point yet where I can truely deal with it. I am scared to wake up one morning and be 90 years old and everything is over; and I am sure that's how it will happen. Because although I am enjoying every day to its fullest and try to appreciate every moment I am allowed to explore this life on earth, I am always looking back to the moments that passed and I am wondering why it feels like I could have enjoyed them even more, that I haven't appreaciate them like I could...

I think as I've gotten older I have realised time is incredibly valuable and limited. Time is something which no man can stop, it keeps going. Time is something we can never get back or move forward, bringing regret and excitement. Time forces us to evaluate what's important. Time is more valuable then money as its unlimited yet extremely limited.


Every year on new years eve I am sitting in a corner quietly, feeling lost in this feeling of mourn because I lost another year and the excitement of a new one waiting for me. Every year it feels the same; terrifying. And actually it sounds very stupid, because time is created by human kind and actually it can't be put into any order at all. You have your life and no calender can change the amount of time you are owning. So why do I feel so much pressure by looking at my calender?

Living in the eternal now!

Andrea T~

Time forces me to live in and love the moment I'm in. To treasure each portion of the journey, because I'll never get it back.

~Clara Miller~

Time means growth, moving forward, with the experiences we've gained over a time in our past 


I think time is the most precious thing we own; and not only for ourself. The most precious gift we can give to someone else is time. Having time for someone and spending it with or for them is the most wonderful and valuable thing you can present to someone. 

So, like every other thing time has its flaws as well. Although I guess I will never feel comftable with the pace of time but I have no other option than enjoying the moments I have. Hopefully I will wake up one morning and be 90 years old, looking back on my life and say that I spend the time I had with the passions and people I love and I won't regret a single moment.

 Time will become poetry in your perception of life 

~Marco B.~

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