"Let's take a look at your window and watch the soft colored sky. The angels in heaven are baking cookies again while Christ Child is coming on its sleigh to all the houses, bringing presents to the children. Maybe we can see it if we watch carefully..." My little brother, my dad and I were watching the sky, while the cold air came into our room. The sky was painted with colors from rose to lilac to blue. It smelled wintery and the chimneys were blowing grey smoke into the dusty evening air. The warm lights in the houses on the street performed a magical spirit into our hometown. We sat there and watched the streets and fields in front of our house, until we heard a light jingle of a bell. "Oh, Christ Child has been here! We should go downstairs very quickly, maybe we can still catch a glimpse of it!"

Like you can guess, we never saw Christ Child. When we came into the living room, the classical christmas songs were on the cd player and my family was watching my brother and me while we walked to the hill of presents. Although we have been a bit ashamed because all eyes have been on us at that moment, the excitement of all the presents under the christmas tree was too big to care about that. After all we had presented a poem, a song and I played some tunes on my flute. Or we had staged a little play in front of the tree or read a christmas tale after dinner. Finally we have been allowed to unwrap the presents and playing with our new toys while our parents and grandparents were watching us in happiness and exchanged presents themself.

Now with twenty-two I smile when I look back to those moments full of childish excitement and happiness. While the years went by the childish excitement for christmas got lost, and I am sure I am not the only one who is feeling this way. Christmas was always my favorite holiday. Maybe because it is happening in my favorite season, but I always have been a big fan of all the christmas series, songs and stories. I still enjoy the advent time, the christmas decorations at home and in the towns, the christmas songs on the radio, snow, buying presents, baking cookies, and looking forward to christmas eve with my family. But the feeling changed. When I was a child the most important thing have been the presents. Nowadays I appreciate the time with my family much more than in the past. I don't care about the presents I get anymore. Moreover I prefer to give someone a gift than getting one, because nothing is more precious than a happy smile on someones face when he or she opens a present of yours and likes it! I adore to think about little treasures I can give to my beloved ones and craft the whole christmas time for them. I prefer to give something homemade than buying something material, but sometimes I also find some beautiful things in town...

Tradionally we all do our own stuff through the day before coming together in the evening of christmas eve, to have dinner together and talk about all different kind of topics. Our traditional christmas meal is sauerkraut, a typically german meal I guess. After dinner we sit together, still talking, until one of us starts to give his or her present to the others. Then everyone is jumping up to get the own presents and we all unwrap the gifts in laughter and excitement and watch the others how they react on the present you made. When we are done with unwrapping, we continue talking, telling anecdotes of the past util one of us gets tired... I still can remember a christmas eve when my dad started to put on his old vinyls and we listened to old tunes until deep in the night.

Although I miss the christmas spirit I had when I was younger, I can't complain about the christmas I am spending since I have grown up. I appreciate those things much more now and I hope I can create those magical christmas moments for my own children someday!

Too often the grown ups don't hear the jingle of the christmas bell anymore (to say it in a metaphor of The Polar Express) but I think we should all take a moment to remember the meaning of this time (not only religious) and light up our hearts again.

I hope you all had and will have a lot of magical christmas times in the future,

Fairy on,


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