Saturday, October 12th

Today I had an extra day off so I spent the Saturday in the nearby town and strolled over some fleamarkets and through the alleys. The sun was there, but the rain came too so I hid under a roof for a while. I found some second hand gloves and a pair of pants and ate a cinnamon bun in the afternoon. The leaves were slowly blown over the streets when I walked home.


What I love about fog the most is the silence it brings.
Everything it touches it leaves in quiet.
Nature and my mind.
All the noises, they stop.
It leaves a blank canvas - nothingness for a moment in a messy world.
And space for clean thoughts and ideas.

A quiet October

October is the month where the world slowly turns more quiet. When Autumn arrives with its soothing colors the noise of Summer starts fading and the silence of the darker month takes its place.

My mind comes to rest when the first leaves turn yellow and the wind gets colder. Mornings come later but they are slow. The sun feels warmer then, when I see my breathe in the air, and the darkness more gentle since it stays for a while.