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Hej, lovely soul!

I'm Michelle, a twenty-three-year-old redhead from Germany. I grew up in a little village in the west of Germany, where our house was placed at the edge of the town next to farmsteads and fields, so I enjoyed the smell and noises of the farm life and spent a lot of time in nature. I am almost done with my study for Applied Literary and Cultural Studies with the minor subjects sociology and philosophy and spent my study abroad in Finland. Currently, I am working on my plan to move into a cottage in the north of Sweden. Välkommen to my journey!

I AM...

...a photographer - I see the world through the lens.
...a musician - through music I heal.
... a painter - while drawing I forget time and space.
... a nature child - in the forest I am in peace.
...a traveler - the nordic countries are my destination.
... a curious nose - I like to try new things and to extend my horizon.
... as friendly to animals as I am to human beings.
... a lover of slow living - appreciation of the little things in life.
... a little crazy sometimes - ordinariness is boring.
...a dreamer - I want to live in a cottage in the Scandinavian countryside and be happy.

I am Michelle, nice to meet you. Who are you?

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