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Hej, lovely soul!

I'm Michelle. a twenty-two year old redhead from Germany, currently living in Helsinki. I I grew up in a little village in the west of Germany, where our house was placed at the edge of the town next to farmsteads and fields, so I enjoy the smell and noises of the farm life and spend a lot of time in the nature. I study Applied Literary and Cultural Studies for two years now and my minor subjects are sociology and philosophy. At the moment I spent my study abroad in Finland.

 I spend a lot of my spare time with my head in a book, in the nature or with a pencil and some music. I am an introvert and prefer to spend my time alone, although I love to meet with the lovely creatures I call my friends. But I prefer to spend quiet afternoons or evenings with music, movies or just talking- I am not a party kind of girl. Except tea parties! I enjoy to relax while drawing, thinking about life or singing. When the weather is good I like to go for a run in in the woods or do some yoga. I try to pratice more of this meditational activities and gain experiences for my body. In my opinion animals are based on the same level as humans and I care a lot for these living beings, so I live a vegan lifestyle and try to live as conscious as possible for a long time now. I realized that this way of living gives the best to my body and the enviroment. I think the earth gives us so much to survive and we should look after it more thoughtfully. 


Because of my vegan lifestyle I am always excited about trying new recipes for food, cosmetic or any other sector of everyday life. I have a passion for second hand cloths and items- I love to spend sundays on fleamarkets to find vintage stuff with some magical history. About these things I like to write with my penpals in my letters. I enjoy to sit down writing words by hand with patience and abandonment. It makes me happy to prepare little goodies and beautiful cards for people in fact I just know through letters but who open there hearts to me like I do for them. It is great to know that I am not alone with my thoughts, passions and wanderlust. 

Wanderlust is bothering me almost everyday. It's hard for me not to think about travelling through the world, I dream a lot about it. I am a child of the north, I love winter and snow and although I like the good sides of summer, take a look at me: I have red hair and pale skin and I can't handle hot weather. I am made for living in the cold areas of this world and I am looking forward to live in a country house in the woods in the future. I hope I can see a lot of places I want to visit before I put down roots in the scandinavian wilderness. 

For a quite a while now I do music more intensively. I write my own songs with guitar and have performed a few times on Open Mic Nights. I would love to create more and to wrap my feelings and thoughts in melodies. Music is a big part of my life and it helps me to deal with dark days.

Now you hopefully have a small image of the young woodfairy, which hides behind this blog. I would love to share some thoughts about life and its joys and difficulties, recipes, experiences with new passions, or any other pieces of my life with you. Feel free to share your hearts with me as well, I would love to read your stories and thoughts!

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