A night full of magic from Finland

Freitag, 1. Dezember 2017

Hej hej - a late night post! I just came back from a small concert in one of our local churches where Riikka Timonen and Senni Eskelinen from Finland came tonight to fill our little town and our hearts with magic. This afternoon I wasn't sure if I really wanna go there because I didn't feel like leaving the house again today, but I forced myself to get in the car and drove through the dark and dust to the little church a few minutes away. There have already been a few people when I arrived and I joined in one of the rows. That's what I like about these local performances the most - there are only a few people, it is very intimate and personal and the atmosphere is the most special!  

They got me on the very first note. I immediately got tears in my eyes. The sound of the electric Kantele made its way directly into my heart. It brought up memories of my time in Finland, so many feelings were flashing my mind. Riikka's voice was not from this earth - so angelic, rural, soft and strong at the same time. I've been sitting there my eyes on these two human being in the spotlight, totally enchanted by their music. I felt totally paralyzed, in a good way. During the short break, I bought their CD and had a look at the beautiful Kantele. I played it once when I've been in Ilomantsi one year back when I've spent new year in North Karelia. My friend's parents had a Kantele and I tried to play a few melodies. It is a beautiful and difficult instrument, and Senni is so very talented!

After the concert I talked with Senni about their touring through Germany and if she'll be back in Helsinki for the big celebrations of the independence day, which will be the 100th anniversary on the 6th of December and a very important day for Finland. But she told me they won't be back then yet but short after to get ready for Christmas. I told them about my history with Finland and my own oak tree in Nuuksio (Riikka lives in Espoo which is next to the Nationalpark) and she told me one of her songs is about the wish to be a beautiful tree in the forest. It has been so lovely to talk with them and exchange some stories.

When I came back home, I've put on the CD and listened to the songs while I was sitting on the floor and I couldn't stop smiling. I'm feeling happy and light, what a lovely night! God kväll, allihoppa! Sov gott!


  1. Ohhh man spürt sooo sehr deine Begeisterung und Freude UND deine Liebe zur Musik!! Das ist soooo schön ❤️❤️ Bitte mehr von solchen echten Momentaufnahmen aus deinem Leben ����

  2. hi michelle, it's good to hear from you, sometimes life has its pleasant moments and surprise, when least expected, sometimes happens, you do not feel like going out and just being at home, and maybe, for lack of encouragement You can waste a pleasant moment and meet nice people.

    very good post, a hug from a distance, greetings, fernando.


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