Apple harvest in the garden

Sonntag, 24. September 2017

Hej, allihoppa! How are you doing? It has been a little quiet the past weeks on here because I've been working every day in the Health store since I came back from Finland and so I didn't have so much time for other things. I mowed the lawn the other day which felt really good in the evening sun and fresh air, but afterwards, I felt like going straight to bed, and the next day I woke up early again to go to work. My work makes me happy recently and I enjoy spending my time with my colleagues and the customers, especially when the buskers play their music right in front of the shop. Little private concerts which underlay our work with its own soundtrack. Since I love the work I do in this health store it is much easier to earn the money I wanna save for my move to Sweden in Spring and I enjoy going to work a few times a week. 

The next week will be filled with work and a class I'll participate in before the official semester starts. It will take place from Wednesday to Saturday and after that, I have only two classes left and then I am done with my study. I will also join a Swedish class which starts in October and I am so excited for that! I can't wait to finally practice what I've taught myself over the past few weeks!
Today I picked some of the apples on our apple trees in the garden. They are full of red and green ripe apples, which shine golden in the sun and are waiting to be picked for apple pies, pancakes and puree. One of our trees is full of sour apples, one with sweeter ones. I personally prefer the sour taste, hihi. What about you?

On this Sunday the sun was making its way through the mist on the fields in the morning and it seemed like a sunny autumnal day. I adore the early mornings in Autumn and Winter when the air is clear and silent, everything is still asleep and fog is creeping over the lands. I love to make some tea and enjoy a slow start into the day before I go to work; I am looking forward to many cold mornings with a warm blanket. 

Now I am sitting at my window and am thinking about what I could make out of these apples I picked. I was thinking about baking an apple pie or making some apple puree, but also apple juice could be a good idea. We have so many apples on our trees, I can make all of these options. What are your favorite recipes for homegrown apples? I would love to get some inspiration and ideas! - I hope you all enjoy the weekend and have a wonderful Sunday! Let's look forward to many magical autumn days together! Lots of love, M. 


  1. Hi Michelle,

    die Apfel-Bilder sind wirklich schön geworden! :)
    Mir geht es genauso, ich liebe den Herbst und seine besonderen Stimmungen, die sich auch immer sehr auf meine eigene Stimmung auswirken. Kaum werden die Tage Kälter und die Nächte länger bin ich immer voller Schwung und kreativer Ideen :)

    Hoffentlich kommen noch viele magisch-wunderbare Herbsttage!

    Herzliche Grüße und eine herbstlich-warme Umarmung :)

    P.S. Ich liebe Apfelscheiben eingetunkt in Nussmuß, hast du das schonmal probiert?

    1. Liebste Lisa Catherine,
      danke für deine lieben Worte!
      Oh, wie sehr du mir aus der Seele sprichst! Der Herbst und Winter lassen mich richtig aktiv werden und wo viele die Dunkelheit sehr betrübt, finde ich da erst zu mir und bin motiviert und aktiv!

      Apfelscheiben in Nussmuß habe ich auch eine Zeit lange sehr gerne gegessen, muss ich unbedingt mal wieder tun, so ein herrlicher Snack für zwischendurch. Und dabei kommt mir gerade noch die Idee Apfelchips zu machen :) juhu!

      Eine warme Umarmung an dich zurück,
      pass auf dich auf,


  2. hello michelle, I'm glad that everything is good at work and studies, and with Swedish classes I do not think you have much problem, with the blog and videos of Jonna Jinton in her language you will learn very fast, ha ha ha ... , if you want I give you a link to a Swedish artist who posts compositions and arrangements of her songs and sings them in Swedish, look for it on YouTube, her name is Asa Larsson, I really like her songs, she has very nice compositions, down in the descriptions she puts the lyrics in Swedish songs.
    I like sweet apples and red, with acidic and bitter apples I contracted the entire face, ha ha ha ...
    autumn has its magic the same as winter, I like those seasons of the year, here we go in spring and it's hot in some days, I miss the winter, ha ha ha ...
    that everything goes well in your things and projects, a strong hug for you from a distance, Fernando.


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