A sniffy Hello

Montag, 17. Juli 2017

A sniffy Hello from my bed! My lemon tea and the soup send greetings as well. I have been sick the entire weekend, probably caught a cold. I am constantly coughing and every part of my body is aching. I already spent the past couple of days in bed, sleeping or reading, drank tea and water and tried to let my body take care of itself. But today morning I had to get up very early to take care of the horses and stables for the first time. I felt energetic and excited, the morning air made me feel ready for a new week. The work at the stables has been fun and I already felt like a real farmer. But although I expected it to be physically stressful, my body hasn't really been recovered well enough yet, at least I felt really tired and weak after two hours of stable cleaning. But when I came home, I went to bed again for a short nap and felt much better already. I am sitting under a blanket now, eating a soup and will study some Swedish later. 

My favorite thing when I have a cold is fresh lemon and ginger tea and some flowers from the garden. They revive my mood and bring some color and life into my room. Recently, I also fell in love with elderflower syrup which I add to the tea as a little extra flavour. It tastes like summer and makes me feel less sick immediately. What's your secret tip against a flu? 

Those days in bed are best for reading and studying. And sleeeeeping a lot! I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can work properly at the stables. Tomorrow is also the first day at the organic store and I am really excited! I hope you all had a wonderful and slow start into the week! *sneeze* Happy Monday!


  1. I've been in bed with a summer cold last week, too. I'm so sorry that yours interferred with your horse stable job but I'm glad you're feeling better again!

    1. Thank you, dear :) Hope you are fully recovered as well <3
      Lots of love to you!

  2. Hello dear!
    I hope you will be better as soon as possible :) Your blog and writings are very inspiring.
    I have a question tho, could you share some tips on how to study Swedish better? I have been using apps etc. but would like to know your advices as well!
    Take care and have fun days at your new workplaces!

    1. Hello dear! <3
      I am almost fully recovered, thank you!! <3

      I am currently studying Swedisch with Duolingo and Babble. But I will also join a Swedisch class in September. I also use a Swedish language class book and vocabularies ;) I might also film a video about my advices and tips :)

      Have a wonderful Sunday! <3 Love!


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