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Montag, 29. Mai 2017

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing fine! Summer arrived in Helsinki, I am drinking my ice cold juice while feeling too warm in the neverending sun. I am busy busy busy cleaning my flat and getting rid of stuff, packing my suitcases and running last errands. The day after tomorrow I will move to Tiina's apartment and spend my last week in Finland. I have to leave behind my flat, where I spent the past nine months and where a lot of things happened which changed my mind, heart and soul. My chest is filled with mixed feelings at the moment.

Nevertheless, I want to introduce you a new little series I wanna start. Since I am a very creative soul who likes to share inspiration with others and who also gets inspired by other artists, I found many creative souls I now call my friends. I wanna share love and inspiration, and so I decided to introduce you to some of these amazing people. And since I spent a lot of time with sweet Mia at the Helsinki Drawing Club and in my free time, she will be the first for "Meet the Artist". 
I asked her to write a little text about herself or whatever she wanna let the world know!
So, this is Mia:     

"Hello to all you lovely people reading this!  
Dear Michelle asked me to write a little bit about myself so you could know about the person in these beautiful pictures Michelle has taken. So hello and nice to meet you! My name is Mia, and I’m a creative soul from Finland. I live in a small town close to Helsinki, with the love of my life in our lovely little home, where nature is always close. I’m a photographer and illustrator and I draw most of my inspiration from nature and people, the two things I’m most fascinated with. I’ve always loved doing things with my hands, but the years I studied in university were difficult for me, so mentally draining that I almost had to give up my love for creative things. Since then, I have filled my life with creativity, and I feel much happier, lighter and most of all, free. Other things that fill my heart with joy are music, vegan food, and animals. I make music, both by myself and with my partner. I love food and cooking, it is such a simple pleasure in life. And if I could pet every creature on this earth I would, spending time with animals brings me such child-like joy!I enjoy the simple joys of life: cutting into a freshly baked bread, still warm from the oven, sunshine streaming through the curtains and making patterns on the walls, the steam rising from a hot cup of tea. These, more than any grand dreams, make life beautiful to me. If you feel the same, why don’t you come over to my Instagram and say hi!"

Mia's Instagram // Photography Blog

Recently, we spent some time in the botanical garden in Helsinki together where the sun was shining so beautifully through the white blossoms of that tree that I couldn't resist capturing this magic. 

I hope you have a wonderful day! Take care! Lots of love to you!

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