Getting out of your comfort zone - meeting new people

Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017

Hej everyone! How are you doing? At the moment the wind and the sun are coming through the open window, which is quite funny because it snowed two hours ago. The weather is still unpredictable although it is the mid of Maj already, it still snows once in a while. But not the past couple of days, when we really have been lucky to have the most incredible summer temperatures, when we've been in Nuuksio, Seurasaari, and Suomenlinna. 

Majbritt, a wonderful and sweet soul from Germany came over to go on some adventures together. We made a trip to Nuuksio to hunt the magical Spring light in the forest, fed squirrels and little birds on Seurasaari and had the most breathtaking view from the cliffs on Suomenlinna. I will share lots of photos and also a video with the magical moments here soon. 
Earlier today we made our way to the airport so Majbritt could make her way back to Hamburg. At the moment she is on the plane and I am looking back to a wonderful week with her.

 You might know that I am quite an Introvert and I am not so very comfortable with people. Before both of them, Loraina and Majbritt, came here I was a little afraid that I wouldn't be comfortable with having them here 24/7 and that it would stress me out to have a stranger in my comfort zone. But I have to take back all the doubts and concerns I had before. I really don't regret that I invited them over, quite the contrary. 
When I am with people who have the same interests and who are excited about adventures, I get so much more motivated than being on my own. Every trip we made, every place we visited became so much more beautiful because I could see it through their eyes and feel their excitement. It was so great to share passions and thoughts or just be and enjoy the moments. 

A quote of my favorite book Into the Wild says happiness is only real when it's shared. When I was younger I could never relate to this phrase. I thought I could also feel happy and enjoy and appreciate a moment without sharing it with anyone. Because I was and I am a lonely wolf I was disagreeing with Christopher McCandless. But growing older and meeting new and nice people, I realized that happiness becomes stronger when you share it with people you love and with people who share the same passions. Being outside on a hike with a good friend and standing on the highest rock with someone who appreciates this moment as much as you, makes it even better than standing there on your own. And after all these years I finally got what Christopher McCandless meant when he said that happiness is only real when shar'd. It is real without sharing but it gets even more powerful by sharing it with others.

Sharing my adventures with two strangers, I gained two new good friends. I enjoyed my time with both of them so so much and we all collected so many memories and memorable moments together. I am so happy to look at the polaroids on my wall and remember how lucky I am to experience such good things. And how happy I am that I got out of my comfort zone.

Get out of your comfort zone once in a while! You might never know what you will experience and whom you will meet! I am sure you won't regret it!


  1. Ohhhhh, so schöne Worte, musste direkt Lächeln beim Lesen <3
    Es war wundervoll bei dir, bald erkunden wir Hamburg.
    Ich vermisse dich und das tolle Finnland jetzt schon.

  2. Beautiful and wise blog post! I agree with you, although I'm probably even more introverted and finding friends is a real struggle.

    If you're looking for blogging ideas and have some time could you, please, maybe write a post about lovely places to visit in Helsinki? I'm going there on a trip with my sister soon and would like to get some recommendations. Like what are your favourite second hand shops, flea markets.. And other little places you love. :)

    1. I was thinking about doing a video about it but a vlogpost might be nice as well :) thanks for the kind worrrrrds <3


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