We climbed the highest tree and picked a star from the sky

Sonntag, 5. März 2017

Pure darkness. Only the lights of the house, the northern lights and the stars above. I miss this darkness. It was so soothing. I remember my first night at the countryside I was standing in front of my window, looking outside to the deep dark forests, watching the fields and the moon and the silence was the most peaceful. The second night, Tommo called me from the outside and when I was running into the snow only with a jacket over my nightgown I was looking up and saw the northern lights in green and blue shades flickering over my head. The third night we went for a walk through the dark forest, only with some snowshoes and a few storm lamps. The shadows on the tall trees looked quite creepy but gave me a warm and safe feeling at the same time. We fell into the snow and watched the night sky, a billion of glowing spots in an ocean of blue. This was one of the happiest moments. 

I  miss the darkness.

Hopefully one day, I will live in my own red cottage, watching the night sky from my window before I'll blow out the light in my storm lamp on my window sill and go to bed in total darkness.


  1. That make me want the winter so bad! All that you desribe is so magical, and the photos with stars <3

    1. It was pure magic and I wish I could go back <3
      But I am excited for Spring as well and I miss all the green and colorful flowers!

      Love to you <3

  2. If you are looking for a way to bring nature indoors, you definitely need to look into getting a bonsai tree. Bonsai trees are beautiful and add a refreshing feel to a room.


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