Spring in Romania and about letting things go

Samstag, 11. März 2017

Hello and happy Saturday! The sun is shining so bright and the birds are singing like Spring has already arrived, except that it is still pretty cold outside. I enjoyed the sun earlier and now I am sitting in my room again, trying to study a little before Tommo and I will make our way to the sauna later. Today is Helsinki Sauna Day and the last time it was so much fun back in October. We will go to a sauna with a hot tub under the open sky and afterward to the tent sauna where Mona and I have been the last time, where you can run into the cold sea water. I am excited and looking forward to that! I am feeling so tired already that I will probably sleep like a baby after that sauna session.

Moreover, I was thinking back the last couple of days to last year's Spring. Today one year ago I was sitting on a hill in Romania, the sun on my face, the wind in my hair, the world seemed a big adventure and life so exciting. That hasn't changed, it's just a few degrees colder and I am not sitting in Romania but Finland. Isn't life strange? Sometimes it feels so surreal.
 When I was thinking back, I realized how much life can change in just a few months and even a year; how much I changed. Back then, I was in a distance relationship and those two weeks I have been in Romania with him have been a big adventure, but at the same time that relationship was not meant to be and it broke shortly after. I was so broken hearted, I can still remember it quite vividly. But look at me now. I am happy! I've met someone really kind and gentle, someone, who really appreciates me. And where I was hopeless and broken-hearted one year ago, I am now full of hope and happiness and love for life and its adventures. And even if this is not forever, I realized, that it's okay. It is okay to just go with the moment and take the lesson and experiences and then move on. Sometimes you have to let things go if you know that they are not what you are looking for and not what you really expect from life and love. It's painful, yes, but there is something better waiting for you out there, I promise! Life gives us a bunch of lessons and we have to realize that we are in a constant learning process. It is okay to lose and it is okay to make mistakes, fall in love with the wrong person, choose the wrong path, but what matters is, that we keep in mind what we want and what we need and take care of ourselves even if we do things wrong, and move on. 

I am happy where I am now and I think back to Spring in Romania with a smile. I am really glad I am able to do so and to see what I've learned from it, but now I am enjoying Spring in Finland. Enjoy the sun today and think about what you want and if your current life gives that to you! If not, change it! Love to you!


  1. Than right and beautiful message! sometimes is hard to let things go, I'm still learning about it, is taking a lot of time I'm afraid, but I'm glad you're happy and taking the good things about life :) love for you <3

    1. Oh yes it takes lot of time, but we will do it, I am sure <3 I send you a lot of love <3


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