Nuuksio covered in snow

Mittwoch, 1. März 2017

Oh, beautiful, snowy Nuuksio! Last week Tiina and I made a trip to the Nuuksio Nationalpark nearby. It was gray when we were sitting on the bus and I was afraid that it would be cloudy although the weather forecast promised a blue sky and sunshine. But when we arrived at Haukkalampi, one of many entrances to the national park, the sky cleared up and the sun came out and created the most magical scenery I have ever experienced. Trees covered in snow extended in front of us and opened a path into a winter wonderland. 

The snow was so very deep and some paths have been quite difficult to walk on because the ice was hiding under the layer of fresh snow. We stamped through the woods and the sun was glittering through the white treetops. I just wanted to stay there, watching this enchanting view. My restless heart found some peace in this white idylle. 

We stopped for a moment of rest at a little bonfire, drank some tea and ate some snacks, while we were resting our feet and tried to warm up a little. I only slipped once on that trip, but walking down the steep paths and climbing the snowy hills, my respect for nature grew even bigger. Nature is so pure and calming, kind and gentle. But nature is also dangerous and full of secrets. 

What a magical day! Tiina and I were laughing while our feet were frozen. Nuuksio made us happy. Oh Nuuksio, you beautiful place! May you hide our secrets and laughter until we see each other again! 
Soon I will share some more photos, I took way too many! 


  1. Hello Michelle :)

    I've been following your blog, youtube channel and instagram for a while but I've always been too shy to leave a comment.
    Today is different I really wanted to say how much I enjoyed these pictures. This little winter wonderland looks beautiful it must be such an amazing experience to be there and see nature's true beauty.
    I live in the city and I don't have many forests close to where I live so I always love your pictures because I totally escape watching them.
    Thanks for everything :).
    Have a good day !

    Marie from France !

    1. Sweetest Marie,
      I am so happy you left a comment this time! Nuuksio is such a beautiful place, especially now in Winter and I am so glad to be able to share some magical photos with you! There are still so many more to come and I hope you can flee from the city for a while by my little stories and adventures! I send you lots of love to France!


  2. These photos are breathtaking. Can't imagine what the national park itself must be like.



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