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Freitag, 17. März 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! Yesterday the first meeting of the Helsinki Drawing Club took place in the Pasila Libary here in Helsinki. My friend Mia and her friend Sasha organized this Club for the first time to let people with the passion for drawing and creating come together and spend some time being creative. We have been welcomed with some tea and cookies, different art supplies and a smile. It was so very lovely to meet the others and to chat about different ways to print our art, different pens and colors and all the other ideas and experiences we had to share! Three hours went by so very fast and have been really meditative. I tried out to draw with some markers and really liked it, so I wanna get some of those in the art store to try out new things. I also realized that crayons are not my cup of tea - I drew a picture of mountains which looked like made by a 5-year old, haha. But it was fun to try out new things! I can't wait for the next meeting!

We have been a small group what made it really nice to talk about each of our styles of drawing and experiences.

Sweet Mia is such an inspiration for me! She has her own cute way of seeing things and putting them on paper.

My Paintings available here: Treasures Of The Wood - more about The Helsinki Drawing Club: Facebook

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