Free Friday Painting

Freitag, 24. März 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! Today's weather is going crazy! The sun was welcoming the morning with its brightest smile but a few seconds ago it started snowing. I really had to laugh watching the thick white snowflakes spinning through the air. Have we traveled forward in time, it feels like April-weather! Well, at least I don't regret that I haven't gone to Seurasaari like I actually planned to on my free Friday. It is a small island just around the corner and there are many many cute squirrels home. I wanted to go there for weeks now and thought this sunny Friday would be a nice occasion to welcome the Spring with a trip to the squirrels. But this morning I woke up and felt like being creative, so I sat down and started painting. A few hours later my mumbling tummy reminded me of maybe getting up from my painting and eat something. Now I finished my lunch and am thinking about what to do with the rest of the day. Since it is still cloudy outside I might just go for a quick walk. We will see! I hope you will have a good start into the weekend! Tomorrow I will visit sweet Mia and we will draw together or go on a fleamarket. Whatever we are going to do, it will be a lovely day, I am sure. Lots of love to you!
Original Painting available here: Treasures of the Wood


  1. Your photos and paintings always inspire me, I'm glad I found you on IG, you are such a magical human!
    I send you love from a far a way land called Colombia :)

    Golden Poppy

  2. Have a wonderful Saturday Michelle!
    Your painting are incredible!

    Lots of flowers and sun beams,


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