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Dienstag, 28. Februar 2017

Hi! How is your Tuesday? Are you working on something particular today? I have to write this essay about film music and although it is really interesting and was fun watching Captain Fantastic (the movie I chose) I am lacking some motivation and energy to write all my thoughts down! Do you have any tips for that? Usually I am quite good at essay writing, but lately, I am just sick of it. I just wanna go outside for some forest adventures or read a good book what I haven't done for ages.

I made some lemon tea to enjoy, but you see it didn't really help against my laziness, hehe. I just have to get myself together now and work some hours properly, then I am done soon. Good luck with anything you are up to today or this week! Love to you! 


  1. It was definetely not a productive day on my side either. My colleagues and I finished a big work yesterday, so today was chill... We also decided to wear costumes since it was Mardi gras today (and the bosses were not at the office)! Also, I spent a good amount of time reading very interesting articles about stopping the pill, which I'm getting pretty convinced I should/will do. The comments were mind blowing... I hope you managed to get some work done in the end! :) PS: I have a very similar knit I bought in Helsinki a few years ago. It's so warm that I managed to wear it only once this winter ^^ (I live in Lyon, France).

    1. Oh it makes me feel a little better to know that I am not the only one who had a unproductive day! <3
      Your day sounds so very fun! And about the pill: I do not take any pill anymore for years now and I am happy with it. My hormones have been a mess and my body feels soooooo much better now after quitting it. :) I recommendy you to quit it!
      I feel you with the sweaters! I am afraid they will get dusty in my closet when I get back to Germany. But just another reason to get back to the North as soon as possible!

      Have a wonderful day,

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