New Year at the countryside - When the darkness arrives

Dienstag, 7. Februar 2017

Oh how magical is the hour of twilight! When the horizon is covered in orange and yellow, and the sky is turning from light blue to a deep, dark sea. The world is welcoming the darkness while the snow is laying still and silent on the trees and houses. The moon arrives and with it the calmness of the night.

The evenings have been one of the most coziest times in Ilomantsi. Wandering through the cottage in my woolen sweater and my thick, warm socks, I was looking out of the windows to the white fields and dark forests hiding their secrets in the twilight. The fire was cracking in the fireplace and filled the room with the smell of burned wood and wrapped us in warmth. We ate delicious dinner, played board games and enjoyed some sauna and being together. When I went to my room, I stayed up a little longer and listened to the quietness of the cottage and farmstead, while I was reading a few pages of my book. The nights have been so calm, sleep was so peacefully. 

In the twilight the moon shone bright and Venus kept him company. The stars appeared slowly one after another and soon the sky was an ocean full of white, glimming dots, in which I was drowning forever.

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  1. That house is a dream, the weather is a dream. Beautiful photos <3


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