Little Treasures

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2017

Here you can see some of my favorite things of the past couple of weeks:
1) My woolen, fluffy winter hat which I am wearing almost every day! It keeps me warm, hides my messy hair and makes me look like a little Finnish gnome. It became one of my everyday companions.
2) I found those beautiful woolen mittens on a fleamarket the other day and since then they are my favorite pair of gloves. I have a passion for mittens and sweater and all the woolen stuff like you might know, and those are extraordinarily cute.
3) The enamel cup I found at the fleamarket as well! I got it for only a few bugs and it makes me wanna go camping in the woods. But it is way too cold, haha, so I enjoy my tea while sitting in my bed.
4) The cute small flask next to it is the incredible oil by Delila! She is doing oils and salves out of natural ingredients like pines and spruce, and it helped me so so much with my dry skin the past couple of weeks. Moreover, its scent is so amazing, I also use it as a perfume, putting a little bit of it on my neck and hands. I can't get enough of it and soon Delila and I wanna go into the wood s together so she can show and tell me how to do such oils and salves. Have a look at her creations here.
5) I've got such a beautiful letter by dear Miriam! She sent me the drawing she's done of me a few weeks ago and also some adorable stamps and stickers, and of course such kind and sweet words. It makes me so happy to receive letters and to read the words of such lovely souls! 

So, those are just a few things that made me happy the last couple of weeks! Have a fine day! Love!

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