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Saturday, January 28, 2017

As a vegan, most people think you eat healthy all the time - but that is a mythos and not the truth at all. As a vegan, you can eat as much junk and unhealthy stuff as a non-vegan person, because there are so many finished products available in stores which do not contain any animal substances. But, one thing that is true is, that most vegan people are much more conscious about what they give to their bodies and therefore eat much healthier. 

Another mythos is, that you have to spend a lot of money for vegan food and you can't enjoy life anymore without all the substitutes and expensive vegan alternatives. But that is not true either! A lot of healthy and vegan treats you can easily do at home with just a little of ingredients and effort. I became a big fan of doing my snacks and treats myself instead of buying very expensive raw chocolate or sweets at the store. One of my favorite things to snack or treat myself with are raw energy balls. They are super easy to make, very sweet and not expensive at all, and moreover, they give you energy and contain only good fats and natural sugar. 

All you need:
- raw date paste (you can buy it in oriental stores)
- any additional ingredients you like (I use different kinds of seeds, oats and sometimes dark chocolate)
-cocoa powder or any topping you like

I just mix all the ingredients together and form some balls out of the mixture, which I roll in the cocoa powder then. When they are done and I don't eat them all right away, I store them in the fridge so they harden a little and stay fresh. 

It is such an easy and healthy way to please your sweet tooth! Do you have any quick and easy ideas for vegan snacks and treats? 

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  1. These look so good! Thank you for sharing this recipe xx


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