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Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2017

When I went for a walk last Saturday, there was still a lot of snow left in the forest. Now, on this gray Thursday, I am wishing for the cold and snow, and that the sun will be as magical again as it has been last weekend when it colored the trees golden and was sitting on the horizon like a phoenix. It feels like spring is already on its way, but I am not ready yet to say goodbye to Winter.

After writing down some To-Do Lists and goals for the next couple of months, I am refreshed and totally motivated again to start into the new year and to be productive. I wake up pretty early every morning, drink my water and do some stretches before I start the work for the day. After two weeks of university I am still motivated to read all the literature and prepare my assignments properly (we will see for how long I will stick with that).

Since one of my plans for 2017 is to hike and travel more, and I would love to go to Iceland, where I am going to explore many things in a short time, I want to work on my condition and on my body. I started to workout again, go on more hikes in the woods, train my muscles and move my body as much as I could. I have always been quite active, but I want to stick with it now and improve it even more so I will be in my best condition when I go for more adventures and to be able to hike without getting exhausted so easily. Exploring nature makes much more fun when your body is healthy and trained.

I will continue working on my To-Do list now. There is still so much to do, so let's be productive! Do you have any tips for being more productive and motivated to work on things, especially in January when we could easily get stuck in darkness and demotivation?
Love, M.

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