christmasy hot chocolate

Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2016

These days are filled with long walks through the snowy woods and foggy winter cold. When I come back from those adventures I love to make a vegan hot chocolate and I thought I could share my favorite recipe with you. You can use either vegan or non-vegan ingredients.

All you need is:

- milk (I use oat milk by Oatly, 'cause it's my favorite)
- cream (I used the vegan one by Alpro)
- cocoa powder (I recommend the dark, raw one instead of processed, sugary one)
- cinnamon
- chocolate ( I am a big lover of the vegan Winer Nougat by Fazer)
- coooookies for snacking

Mix all of this together and heat it on the stove, and then enjoy with some pepparkaka or other Christmas cookies.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas time so far! Not so long until Christmas!


  1. I love hot chocolate especially when you come indoors after being out in the cold - it is so comforting. Your pictures of your candles look very cozy. Only a few days to go now - I have been out in the fields collecting holly with lovely red berries to make a mantle decoration, my room now looks very Christmassy :)

    1. ohhhh that sounds so lovely! I want that too! I have to get some more pine cone branches to decorate my room and my gifts with it <3 I finally have time to get into christmas mood now after all the stress with university. It's time to watch christmas movies now and listen to christmas music, bake cookies and go to the christmas market :))

  2. Hot chocolate is the best in this time of the year :)

    1. oh yes, indeed! especially after a long walk in the woods or on a christmas market :) it makes me feel so cozy and christmasy :) <3


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