a day at the ateneum museum

Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016

Yesterday, Tiina and I went to the Ateneum museum to have a look at all the paintings. The day was grey and windy, so we spent it with dreaming while gazing at the lovely nature paintings. When we got home, I made some vegan curry for us and we listened to Frank Sinatra while drinking tea and unwrapping presents. Later, I finally made myself cozy and opened the pre-christmas package by my family which hid a lot of chocolate, cookies and gifts.  I enjoyed sauna in the evening and spend the night with a dear friend. What wonderful days! And now that I am free from my assignments, I enjoy the Christmas spirit to its fullest. Only two days left! Merry pre-christmas! 

A little video about out trip and the unboxing of my mum's pre-christmas package!

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  1. I really enjoyed the visit to the museum with you there are some lovely paintings. How lovely to have a parcel from home in time for Christmas and all those lovely presents. I expect it will be hard for you to be away from your family, but I hope you enjoy yourself anyway - only sorry that there won't be the snow that you hoped for.


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