midnight knitting

Samstag, 26. November 2016

It is 2am and I am pretty tired, but I'm smiling. Mona left a few minutes ago. We spent this Friday night with knitting. This morning we went to the city to get some wool and we've also bought some nice bamboos needles. Mona showed me how to knit socks and we knitted for hours. I feel like I could knit the whole night, I feel so euphoric about being able to knit socks finally. I wanted to learn it for so long but I never really started or I quitted way to fast. Now I've bought this beautiful brown-greyish Finnish wool and I can't wait to wear my first self-knitted socks, which will warm me in the cold winter. 
It is so late and although my eyes are tired, my mind is not. I feel like I could knit or read or draw for the rest of the night. Somehow darkness really makes me feeling motivated and active. Everyone is talking about the dark Finnish winter, the time of depression and sadness, every day grayer than the one before. But I feel so comfortable in the darkness. I enjoy the light of the candles and fairy lights, somehow it makes me feel safe. In the darkness, you can just disappear. Into the shadows, or into your bed. Like I will do now, 'cause I really need some sleep. Good night!

What a cozy night:

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