The Hands Of The Death

Montag, 1. Februar 2016

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, who is a mortician, ask me if I want to join him in the crematory to help him with undressing a woman. It sounds weird, doesn't it? I was starring on my phone for a few minutes thinking about this offer. I listened to a lot of his stories about his work before and it always fascinated me. I have never been a person who was afraid of death and the things which come with it, but really being under dead people and touching them, seeing them, well, thats different than just thinking about it. 
But I agreed because how should I judge if it is scary or weird at all when I haven't done it yet. So he picked me up to get to the crematory. He told me to feel free to ask him everything I wanna know, but I please should not get pale and fall over. I promised him I wouldn't because actually I didn't feel scared or disgusted at all. He warned me that the sight of all the wooden coffins in the cooling room looks very unpleasant and horrifying to most of the people. But when we arrived and he handed me over some gloves and we opened the door of the cooling room, I didn't feel anything like this at all seeing the two rows of wooden coffins. 
We took one of them out into a free room. When he openend the top of the coffin and I saw the dead woman for the first time the first thing that came to my mind was: life. That's life and the circle of nature. This body was a leftover of a soul which lived its life on this earth. Of course it was something special at this moment, but I really didn't feel weird at all. The only moment when I truely had to overcome my own mind was when I should touch the dead body to undress her. Her skin felt so cold and like a puppet. At first it felt very unpleasant and I was afraid to hurt her but my friend gave me introductions. In less than two minutes we were done and I wished her a peaceful last resting. Then he brought her back into the cooling room while I was thinking about the whole situation.
Most of the people I told about this experience looked at me as if I was insane. How could I do that? Hasn't it been weird and scary and disgusting? No. It wasn't and why should it? We all know our time is limited and someday we all have to leave this place and our body is what will remain. Our body, which will get back into nature, where it came from. And as we shouldn't feel bad and disgusted about our own and other people bodies now, we shouldn't feel this way after the death as well! I am very thankful for this experience because I learned a lot about myself and the way of life again.

Did you every made a similar experience?
Fairy on,


  1. No, I didn't. But I would like to. Deal with death is not weird to me. I don't have afraid of dying, too. It's a natural thing. And it's beautiful to think that we will return to the nature, isn't it? I think so.

    Leticia from Brazil :)

  2. This is an incredible post. I've never read anything like this before, and what a fascinating account of an experience. I think you're right about accepting challenges to new experiences, I always feel like experiences and knowledge go hand in hand, even sometimes the more austere ones. It's good to make a brain library of these things.
    Thankyou of sharing :)

    Sarah xo |

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